A visionary Harvard-Trained Strategist well-versed in new business development, analytics and change management with a global view and hands-on operational experience.

How can I see this differently? What is my best next step? What are my growth options? How can I take my company to the next level? How can I shift the energy of my team? How can I better align my business with a greater purpose? Perhaps you are a corporate executive or entrepreneur and need a seasoned strategy partner with real-world experience who can weigh in on business and personal decisions. Sometimes there are issues you just don’t feel comfortable sharing with others in your inner circle yet. Maybe your team needs a boost to help think “out of the box.” Perhaps you have a growing consulting firm and need a high caliber strategist on your team to win the pitch and deliver insights.

I was groomed as a strategist and C-suite advisor, from my first job writing case studies and consulting with Fortune 500 companies as the youngest on the staff of Harvard Business School to a 25-year career as a corporate executive and award-winning entrepreneur. As a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, I’ve been involved in strategy sessions with CEOs of multinationals and presidents of countries around the world. Learn more about my background. As your strategist, I will help you assess the situation and lend my expertise to determine the best next step. We can work solely in private or I can be an advisor to your team. I can also join as the strategist on a consulting project. In some cases, I serve as a mentor–particularly for young senior executives and founders. It’s all up to you!

Given my unique multidisciplinary background, I can help in a number of ways:

  • Provide Independent Insight – Benefit from an experienced outside view to complement your strategic planning, get out of “group think”, challenge your processes and accelerate change.
  • Serve as a Personal Advisor – Have a confidential advisor to test ideas, work through challenges, explore next steps, and help you and your business excel. Consider me a member of you “Personal Board of Directors.”
  • Offer Sector Expertise – Tap into a “long-view” media/technology perspective (i.e. film, television, Internet, social media, independent publishing, digital content) as well as global insights to enhance your market assessment and strategic planning.
  • Join your Project Team – Expand the skill set of your team and bring on an accomplished professional who will create value from day one. Your firm may not always have the right qualifications in-house. You can scale your business and your brand without scaling your payroll.
  • Co-Lead Transformation – Have a partner in transforming your business into a more purpose-driven organization and sparking energy in your team.

The VIP Options allow us to spend a concentrated period of time to brainstorm, problem-solve and plan. You can come to our offices in Manhattan or I can come to you (client covers travel time and expenses). We can spend 90 minutes, half day or an entire day together. Our VIP Services offer six-month and annual retainer options for ongoing work. We have a password-protected area for pricing and other specifics.

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