A seasoned speaker and moderator with 20 years experience powering up audiences and sharing insights around the world

Topics for Business Audiences


How can you drive innovation in a constantly changing world? What is your edge in solving big challenges? Most people are easily distracted and use just a fraction of their mental power. In Mind PWR™, participants will learn how to focus the mind and harness the brain for greater clarity, insight and creativity. In the keynote talk, they will learn brain basics, as well as breath and meditation techniques that will improve focus and present awareness. In the virtual course, they will go deeper into training the mind and brain through specialized breathing, meditation, visualization and mindset practices to improve concentration, boost self-awareness, increase mental sharpness, cultivate intuition and unlock innate potential.


How much are your leaders leveraging the power of presence in working with clients, closing deals, collaborating and communicating with stakeholders?  In Embodied Success™, they will up-level personal power, presence and impact. In the keynote talk, they will learn the basics of the nervous system and embodiment, including energy practices and body language techniques that will make an instant difference in their presence in a room or on Zoom. In the virtual course, they will go deeper into meditation and communication techniques to cultivate a magnetic presence, grow influence, build trust, increase engagement, develop resilience and improve relationships in all areas of life.


How prepared is your team to withstand change and overcome obstacles? It is hard to lead well when you are stretched thin. Being able to adapt and bounce back after setbacks is critical for personal sustainability and mindful leadership. In Resilient PWR™, participants will enhance skills to adapt to change and thrive under pressure. In the keynote talk, they will learn a framework for developing resilience derived from Nature and practice mind-body techniques to immediately shift energy and mindset in tough moments.  In the virtual course, they will go deeper into strategies to ease stress while enhancing well-being and performance, as well as learn long-term practices to cultivate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional resources.

Topics for Consumer Audiences


How well do you know your own stress profile? What tools do you use to manage negative stress?  Stressors are a part of life. How you respond to a situation is your choice. Stress or Success? It’s Your Choice! offers healthy coping strategies and practical techniques to proactively manage stress. In this very interactive program, participants will learn the basic science of stress, assess their own state of being and practice simple techniques to calm the mind and nervous system — from breathing and movement to meditation and affirmations (or power thoughts). They will walk away recharged and ready to face any situation with confidence, poise and even joy.


How well do you fuel your body and mind? What food habits do you have to create sustainable energy?  You are what and how you eat. Eating whole foods in a conscious manner can support your physical, mental and emotional health. Unapologetically Well™ provides the essentials of integrative nutrition to optimize health. In the keynote talk, participants will learn the 7 Rules of PWR Eating, as well as how to use plant-based food as a “power tool” to charge their energy, change their mood, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, heal dis-ease, lower their toxic load and minimize their footprint on the planet.


How aligned is your life with your Purpose? Do you have the clarity and energy to fulfill your destiny? In Power Living®, get ready to align your life mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally so you can Think, Eat and Live on Purpose. The program is based on the book, 40 Days to Power Living: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose. In the keynote talk, participants will be inspired by Teresa’s personal story of transformation and be motivated to up-level their own lives using the Five Principles of Power Living as a guide. They will walk away with dynamic energy management techniques and a framework for crafting a purposeful and powerful life.

Topics for Social Justice Audiences

Social Change

How can an individual make a difference? How does social change relate to personal transformation?  Gandhi believed that all people can shape and guide their lives according to the highest ideals, and that personal change and the ability to bring about social change are linked. Through intention and conscious action, we can collectively prepare the ground for “the world of tomorrow” today. The Gandhi Effect® provides insights and practical tools for personal transformation and mindful leadership using the teachings of Gandhi as the backdrop. Participants will explore concepts such as nonviolence, mindfulness and compassion, and practice techniques to be effective change agents. The workshop was debuted in 2011 to a standing-room-only audience at the Newark Peace Education Summit which was hosted by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. Learn more.

Resilience For Advocates

How do you create personal sustainability and not burn out as a change agent?  It’s hard to be an effective change agent when you are exhausted.  Advocacy and activism can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually draining.  Many advocates take on an issue due to personal experience or trauma related to the topic, and thus may be operating with PTSD. Resilient PWR™ for Advocates provides a framework for building personal sustainability while fighting for a cause.  Participants will learn how to recognize their current coping strategies and then enhance their skills to adapt and thrive under pressure. They will practice mind-body techniques to immediately shift energy and mindset in the moment, as well as discuss long-term practices to cultivate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional resources.

Guardianship Reform

How do we transform the adult guardianship system from oppressive to supportive?  Guardianship by design is oppressive.  It removes self-determination and all fundamental rights rendering you a “non-person.” U.S. guardianship laws intended to protect the vulnerable are increasingly being used to entrap unsuspecting people to control and steal their property. In many cases, the crime is committed by those in the legal profession and facilitated by the Probate Court itself.  In The Deception of Protection™, we will demystify the growing crime of fraudulent guardianships. Participants will learn “red flags” to spot potential exploitation,  discuss personal and community-based strategies to prevent being entrapped, and brainstorm new models for allowing seniors and dependent adults to thrive without court intervention. Watch The Deception of Protection video.


From offering Power Living® insights to the Young Executives Society (YES) in Slovenia and sharing stress management techniques to employees at the National Institutes of Health to being a Discussion Leader for the “Economics of Happiness” at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland and the international headliner for Estee Lauder’s Global Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign event in Santiago, Chile (watch highlights), Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is seasoned at sharing life-enhancing tools and moderating thought-provoking events for a wide variety of professional and consumer audiences around the world. She has hosted full-day events such as the (then landmark) Power New York City: Health & Empowerment Symposium on behalf of the American Heart Association (watch highlights), and facilitated multi-day retreats. Called “smart with a heart,” she has an informed, personable and interactive style incorporating the latest coach-facilitator tools. As a former corporate executive and professor/preacher’s daughter, Terri can translate her message into many different contexts from the boardroom and classroom to the church pew. During the last 20 years as a global change agent, she has been an evangelist of an integrative approach to crafting a conscious, vibrant and successful life, and is known for incorporating movement and mindfulness techniques into her talks (before it was popular to do so). With each program tailored, she can deliver the message you need. To work with Terri and access her Speaking Resources (e.g. topic one-sheets, fee structure, logistics), contact us today! Watch speaking highlight video:

From start to finish, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Kennedy. She instantly connected with our 800 participants. Some of them said that she was the favorite part of their day. She is very interactive and engaging, offering useful information as well as inspiration. If you want a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker, then I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kennedy.”
Lara Diamond Phillips, Sharp HealthCare
Thank you so much for all of your time & effort. You were a HUGE success and we were VERY happy with the outcome.
Crystal R. Carlton, W Magazine
We love the work you do with our employees – from the breathing and stress management techniques for our company leaders, to the Eat for Life sessions for the team at the distribution center. Thank you!
Susan M. Schor, Eileen Fisher, Inc.
With her academic background and real-world experience, Terri really understands the issues around Health & Productivity Management. She delivers an engaging and informative message, and she’s a delight to work with.
Rachel Permuth-Levine, Ph.D., National Institutes of Health
The work you did with the kids in the basketball camp was amazing. The players also loved you! The techniques really help with focus and concentration, as well as flexibility.
Eric C. Liley, Harlem Wizards Basketball Team
Thank you so much for the power session for our National Sales Meeting. We’ll be in touch for more events!
Peggy Mazard, Essence Communications, Inc.