A Master Coach & Consultant with thousands of client-hours and top-notch training in business, sociology, professional coaching, holistic health counseling and yoga/mindfulness.

Who am I at my core? What do I really want? What is holding me back? How can I create a more positive outlook? How can I get a handle on stress and my health? How do I realign my life without dismantling my career? How would I feel if my life was just exactly the way I wanted it to be? These are questions you may have asked yourself. Isn’t it time for answers? Coaching helps you identify what you want personally and professionally, and then supports you in achieving your goals. It is a collaborative effort that is solely based on what YOU want. As a trained coach, I use a process that can help you produce results in any area of your life regardless of your profession. I have real-world business experience and the learning from my own transformation. In 1997, I almost died and then rebuilt my life from the ground up. For me, this is not an intellectual exercise. I focus on the whole person using proven techniques so you can achieve authentic success. Given my own 40+ year history of exploring the mind-body-spirit connection and 20-year history of managing Crohn’s using an integrative approach, I have specialized knowledge in stress management, holistic health, and autoimmune/GI disorders. I’ve been pioneering the integration of energy management and mindfulness tools into my coaching programs for the last 15 years. As explained in a January 2016 Harvard Business Review article:

The benefits of mindfulness meditation for business leaders are increasingly appreciated and confirmed by empirical research. Executives and high performing professionals increasingly use meditation to manage stress, maintain strategic focus, enhance cognitive performance, promote emotional intelligence, and improve interpersonal relationships… By carefully integrating executive coaching and mindfulness strategies in a single practice setting, we can help clients develop into more self-aware, grounded, emotionally intelligent, and effective leaders.

With my unique set of skills, I can help you gain clarity, set SMARTER goals and take effective action — whether it’s refashioning your life, taking control of your health or transforming your career. Isn’t it time to feel completely supported and watch your life fall into place in ways you’ve only dreamed about? Now is the time to release your power and rise higher! If you are looking for an advisor/personal strategist or hands-on business coach, check out our VIP Options.

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These are some of the types of goals you may set up and that I can help you with:

  • Fine-Tune Mind Habits – improve focus, control mental chatter, have more clarity, create a positive outlook, boost motivation, increase self-confidence, improve poise, overcome limiting beliefs, be more mindful, fine-tune decision-making and break through strongholds.
  • Improve Life Satisfaction – define Life Purpose & Vision, discover work you love, align with core values, fine-tune personal habits, live with more passion and joy, experience great relationships, balance work-personal-family time, feel greater sense of gratitude and fulfillment, and “show up” authentically in all areas of your life.
  • Optimize Wellbeing – reclaim your health, deal with a new diagnosis, develop a personalized wellness plan, learn techniques to reduce stress, increase energy, eat healthy, be fit, detoxify your body, lose weight naturally, and accomplish your wellness goals.
  • Achieve Authentic Success – define personal success, leverage strengths, be more organized, polish leadership skills, perform at your highest potential, increase perceived value, experience abundance, transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur and turn passion into profits.
  • Transform your Business or Career – evaluate new ideas, boost creativity, inspire peak performance from others, forge alliances and move from success to significance.

I have been called a “coach’s coach” and have mentored new coaches. In addition to best-in-class training, my father was a pioneer in Executive Leadership Training in the 1950s so I learned directly from a master. Some of the methodologies I use along with coaching include positive psychology, holistic health counseling, mindfulness and yoga. Learn more in my bioMy goal is to help you live with intention, focus your attention, optimize your energy and manifest your destiny!

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If you are ready to make YOU a priority, then get started today! Change takes time, so a minimum of one month is recommended and an initial six-month commitment is encouraged. You can extend services
 for as long as you need. Many people continue for two years or more to keep taking things to the next level. Others seek short-term, focused coaching for a particular issue or help in achieving a specific goal, such as clarifying your career, completing a project or making an important life decision. It’s all up to you! Once you sign up, we will send you the Coaching Agreement and schedule your coaching sessions. We usually try and stick to the same day/time each session, and then adjust for travel or unanticipated scheduling conflicts. In the first session, we will discuss your goals and determine an initial action plan. When we complete specific goals, we will debrief and celebrate. Don’t delay. Get the guidance and ongoing support you may need to succeed, and start improving your life 
today! If you’re in New York and want an immersion into wellness, then inquire about our Healthy Jumpstart Program.

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Do you want to tap into my subject matter expertise? Perhaps you are a corporate executive or entrepreneur and need a seasoned strategy partner with real-world experience who can weigh in on business and personal decisions. Sometimes there are issues you just don’t feel comfortable sharing with others in your inner circle yet. Maybe your team needs a boost to help think “out of the box.” Perhaps you have a growing consulting firm and need a high caliber strategist on your team to win the pitch and deliver insights. Maybe you are a CEO or celebrity and want a custom program. Check out our VIP Options.


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