Harvard Business School-trained Strategist, Mind-Body Expert, Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker & Advocate for Human Rights


A Blessed Beginning

Although I am American, I was born in Accra, Ghana and started school in Adelaide, Australia. My parents were pioneers in cross-cultural communications, working on five continents for over five decades using academia, theatre, and all forms of media to train leaders and expand minds. They knew people like Muhammad Ali, who had a huge influence on my mindset and habits growing up. My mother was also an early proponent of holistic health practices like integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation – so I was groomed for the work I do today.

As a girl, I was a global citizen ready to take on the world.

My Confession

I achieved so many significant goals at a young age:

  • Skipped two grades of school.
  • Youngest in my class at Wellesley College and MBA class at Harvard
  • Youngest Research Associate on staff at Harvard Business School
  • Creative Consultant for Universal Studios under Lew Wasserman
  • Founded VH1 Interactive and the VH1@Work Radio Network
  • Youngest Vice President at MTV Networks negotiating multimillion dollar deals and managing partnerships with entities like Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL and Intel

BUT my approach to work and life was not sustainable and my success came at a cost. My body didn’t like my workaholic lifestyle and kicked in an autoimmune response. I couldn’t hold down food and eventually even liquids.

In 1997, I almost died. 

Then, I dove deeply into what made the human body, brain and spirit THRIVE and dedicated my career to helping others transform.

The Result?

More authentic work and life as a global change agent:

  • Founded 1st yoga studio in Harlem, the Ta Yoga House
  • Led hundreds of transformational programs around the world
  • Selected as World Economic Forum Young Global Leader; participated in exclusive Forums with CEOs, heads of state and other leaders in Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania and Switzerland; Discussion Leader at Annual Meeting in Davos
  • Became protégé/biographer for yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch;
    co-authored two award-winning books and did 66 events together including at the United Nations; featured in 2017 Athleta “Power of She” campaign
  • Founded Elder Dignity to advocate for senior rights
  • Pioneered cutting-edge programs to help people innovate & thrive
  • Advised companies in media, music, tech, retail and nonprofit

My successes are more meaningful and joyful. 

My Unique Expertise

Training people how to optimize the mind & body for health, happiness and success, and guiding organizations in unleashing human potential for impactful leadership, innovation, communication and resilience.


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