Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is a Harvard Business School-trained Strategist, Entrepreneur, Speaker/Moderator, Yoga Teacher, Master Coach, Award-Winning Author, Producer & Activist

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March 16-17, 2018 –I was honored to participate in the XYoga Dubai Festival 2018 in the United Arab Emirates. This was my third trip to Dubai and I have certainly fallen in love with the place! I taught a Breathe & Burn® Vinyasa Yoga class, as well as my special Blissful Vibrations® session which mixes movement, motivation, music and meditation. In addition, I gave a talk about my dear teacher, 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch. I saw some yogis I’d met before such as Yogi Cameron and Pierre Ravan, and also met a whole new family of yogi friends/teachers such as Dan Morgan, Sjha’ra Taylor, Candace Cabrera, Anjasmara Prasetya and Ajith Shankara. Thank you to Dovile Slavinkaite, Sara Fakhouri and the XDubai team, as well as the key sponsor Dubai Holdings.  Find out more and view pictures…

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Free Your Mind

What mental blocks are holding you back? Your highest potential is already within you ready to be realized. The only real limitation is in your mind. Regardless of your current circumstances, freedom or bondage is your choice. If you focus on lack and negative outcomes, that is what you will encounter. If you concentrate your energy on good, that is what you will perceive and receive. So, free your mind. Take time to notice your own thought patterns. Challenge any beliefs and assumptions that are bringing your down. Break out of autopilot and give your subconscious specific instructions as to what you want to experience in your life.

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7 Ways to Love Yourself

How committed are you to your own happiness? If you were dating yourself, would you be blissful or ready to break out of the relationship? Self-love is an active process of becoming aware of who…

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True power is not defined by how much control you have over OTHERS, but how much control you have over your SELF. It’s not about how many things you ACQUIRE, it’s about how many people you INSPIRE.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Success is a feeling not an event. It is a feeling you can experience every day depending on your intention.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

You attract what you project. So be the vibe you want to manifest.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
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