Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is a Harvard Business School-trained Strategist, Entrepreneur, Speaker/Moderator, Transformational Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Producer & Activist

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March 16-17, 2018 —XYoga Dubai presented by Dubai Holding brings back to life a one-of-a-kind yoga festival designed for experienced yogis and beginners alike. Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy will be teaching two of her signature Vinyasa yoga sessions–Breathe & Burn® and Blissful Vibrations®. Center yourself from sunrise to sunset with a vibrant selection of classes, workshops and activities as well as healthy food stalls, equipment stores and entertainment–everything you need to immerse yourself in a holistic yoga experience. Grab your mat and meet us at Kite Beach.

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Hold Fast To Your Dreams

What dream do you want to resurrect? Langston Hughes, who was a friend of my parents, is considered one of the founding fathers of the Harlem Renaissance. My mother, Janie Sykes-Kennedy, described his work as “trying to awaken the consciousness of black people to strive and not let go of who they were. His quest was to get inside of the mind and soul of the common person.” Despite his popularity, as a black man in America during the twenties through sixties, he knew first-hand the feeling of rejection and inequality. He used his own agony of unrealized hopes to fuel his creativity. No matter what, hold fast to your dreams. Just as most birds are meant to fly, humans are meant to express themselves fully and uniquely. Consider what aspirations you may have put aside. Perhaps now is the time to revitalize your intention. The seed of inspiration was planted in you for a reason. Don’t let internal doubts or societal hurdles hold you back. Use all of your experiences to add color to…

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7 Ways to Love Yourself

How committed are you to your own happiness? If you were dating yourself, would you be blissful or ready to break out of the relationship? Self-love is an active process of becoming aware of who…

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True power is not defined by how much control you have over OTHERS, but how much control you have over your SELF. It’s not about how many things you ACQUIRE, it’s about how many people you INSPIRE.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Success is a feeling not an event. It is a feeling you can experience every day depending on your intention.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

You attract what you project. So be the vibe you want to manifest.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
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